Why Nonprofits Need Storytellers Not Videographers

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So you have videos, but they need to connect with your audience more? It might be time to work with Storytellers instead of Videographers. Nonprofits need skilled Storytellers who can unveil the values and impact of your nonprofit.

This article highlights the difference between videography and storytelling. By the end, you will know when to hire a Videographer and when to hire a Storyteller.

Disclaimer: We accept and respect the skills and expertise of Videographers in their field. This post underlines Storytellers' unique approach and value to nonprofits' video strategy.

The Role of Videographers

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Traditionally, nonprofits may hire Videographers to document, capture events, and preserve moments. Videographers have technical skills in operating cameras and producing high-quality footage. Their primary focus is often on the visual aspects of the content.

Skilled Videographers masterfully capture video footage with precision and expertise. They excel at using cameras, lighting equipment, and editing tools to create stunning videos. They excel in capturing events as they unfold.

Drawbacks of Hiring A Videographer

Videography alone may fail to engage audiences deeper and leave a lasting impact. Some Videographers are more attentive to the visual and technical aspects than the impact of the work.

When to Hire A Videographer

Videographers can be your go-to whenever you need something recorded. This could be an event or "what type of story" (focused on sharing the facts, the who, what, when, and where details). Another time to hire is capturing clips for social media or building a content library.

The Role of Storytellers

Storytellers using post it notes

But storytelling exceeds mere documentation and technical video stuff. It involves weaving narratives, capturing genuine moments, and connecting with audiences emotionally. Video Storytellers leverage the power of video as a medium to convey a message, evoke empathy, and inspire action.


Embracing storytelling means sharing your mission, values, and impact through resounding stories. It's about connecting with others and making a real impact through your stories. By sharing your authentic experiences, you can inspire others and create a lasting impression.

You can open your full potential to communicate your message by partnering with skilled Storytellers. This will create a lasting connection with your audience.

When you shift the focus from videography to storytelling, you can tap into your stories' transformative power. Compelling storytelling helps your organization develop emotional connections with your audience, build empathy, and inspire meaningful engagement.

Drawbacks of Hiring A Storyteller

Sometimes you don't need the depth of emotive storytelling. Sometimes you only need what you're doing to be captured and shared with others. This can be a stumbling block for some Storytellers because they might add what's not required.

Pricing Differences

Storytellers can be more expensive than Videographers.

A Videographer can cost you between $1,200 - $5,000 for filming and editing.

Storytellers have a more personalized and comprehensive approach. Their prices can start around $10,000 and higher.

A Videographer might be the right choice if you need someone to film an event or capture footage. Investing in a Storyteller is the way to tell a powerful story that moves people and inspires action.

When to Hire A Storyteller?

Storytellers are your go-to partner to leave a lasting impact. This is helpful when your organization wants to touch the heart and minds to build empathy and strengthen connections.

Storytellers understand that sometimes visuals alone are not enough to evoke emotions or leave a lasting impact. They will help you distill your work into compelling stories that captivate, inspire, and mobilize people to take action.

Ultimately, it's about finding the right fit for your goals and budget. Both Videographers and Storytellers have their strengths, and choosing the one that aligns with your objectives is essential.

Bridging the Gap Between Storytellers and Videographers

BairStories Storytellers facilitating a workshop

At BairStories, we're storytellers using video as our medium of expression. Our mission is to craft human-centered stories that foster empathy and connection.

We understand that a video alone can be beautiful. Still, the story behind it captivates hearts and minds.

When working with us, you are not hiring Videographers to document an event or capture footage. You are partnering with a team of intentional Storytellers committed to understanding your story and communicating it in a deeply resonating way.

Understanding Your Story

When we embark on a project, we take the time to listen, invite you to collaborate as a Storyteller, and delve into the heart of your story. We dig deep, ask meaningful questions and immerse ourselves in your world. Doing so gives us insights to craft the right story that connects with your targeted audience.

Not only that, but the story gets crafted for your audience's marketing funnel (or donor journey) stage they're on. Finally, we're driven to ensure your captured story attains its full potential. So, we work with you to maximize its reach so the right people see it.

Concluding Storytellers vs Videographers

Did this help you understand the difference between Storytellers and Videographers? Videographers play an essential role in capturing stunning visuals and producing high-quality videos. Storytellers go beyond to understand the essence of a story, its characters, and its underlying emotions.

Storytelling is about transformation, vulnerability, conflict, and resolution. Storytelling requires a perspective shift and a deep understanding of your organization's story.

If you're seeking a partner to help get your stories out of your heads and into the hearts of your audience, get in touch with us.

If we don't seem a good fit, check out our colleagues: McNabb Storytelling and Inner Island Productions.

We're a Minnesota-based storytelling agency following the story wherever it takes us.

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