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Do you only work with nonprofits?
No. We work with those who are the right fit.
Occasionally, that means working with awesome people and companies doing great things. However, our target audience is nonprofits fostering environmental justice.
How long does a project take?
Our film and video productions typically take 2-3 months. Story consulting is a 4-hour workshop-style session.
Why are you so expensive?
A typical film and video production can range between $50,000 to $20,000. Similarly, our Story Consulting service costs $5,000 for a strategic story session.
If you think it is too much for you, we may not be the right fit for your needs, and that's alright. But don't worry; you can still benefit from our free storytelling guide and resources.
What's your storytelling approach?
Our approach involves guiding the heart to move the mind. We communicate the truth in a way that uncovers the deeper significance of real-life moments.

We focus on creating emotionally impactful experiences centered around people so that others can understand and empathize.
We believe storytelling is not sharing facts and statistics or describing actions. These things are meaningless to your audience until they have a story that provides context for those facts.
Can you film my event?
No. We specialize in storytelling, not event coverage—unless it's part of the bigger story we're telling.

We're a Minnesota-based storytelling agency following the story wherever it takes us.

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