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Story Sessions:

On-demand access to expert storytelling guidance.

Our story consulting sessions adapt to the ups and downs of your nonprofit's journey, helping you: 

  • Refining your mission's narrative
  • Identify your unique voice
  • Brainstorming for an upcoming campaign

You'll gain clarity and effective storytelling strategies in your messaging and communications. At BairStories, we're Strategic Storytellers with an eye for uncovering the narratives right under your nose.


Trusted by Changemakers   

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How much does storytelling consulting cost?

Single Story Session

$5,000 USD

For Communication Directors wanting a jolt of clarity.
📄 Materials reviewed before the session

⌛ 4-hour in-person or virtual collaborative session (workshop style)

🧠 Understand potential story gaps

🗺️ Receive story roadmap highlighting story recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is storytelling consulting?
Storytelling consulting is a service that helps organizations of all sizes, including nonprofits, harness the power of storytelling to achieve their goals. We work with you to identify your unique voice, craft compelling narratives, and integrate storytelling strategies into your messaging and communications.
What information do I need to prepare?
Gather any relevant materials, such as your strategic plan, brand guidelines, existing marketing materials, and information about your target audience. Be prepared to share your organization's mission, values, and key challenges.
How can storytelling help me with fundraising?
Compelling stories can connect with donors on an emotional level, making them more likely to give. We can help you craft fundraising narratives that inspire generosity and action.
What deliverables will I receive?
You'll receive your customed story roadmap highlighting the key storytelling opportunities, potential themes, and narrative angles specific to your organization’s objectives.
Plus, we'll make recommendations for integrating storytelling into your content marketing strategy, focusing on a few select channels.
Can storytelling grow my community?
Absolutely. It's about finding the right stories that builds trust creates a sense of belonging and shared purpose among stakeholders. We can help you identify and tell stories that resonate with your target audience and foster stronger connections.
What if I'm not happy with the results?
If you're not feeling it at the end of the first session, you'll get your money back, no conditions. If you're not happy, we're not satisfied. 

We're a Minnesota-based storytelling agency following the story wherever it takes us.

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