Inspiring Action for a
Sustainable & Just World.

We help environmental nonprofits and cleantech companies elevate community and funding through emotive storytelling.


It's exhausting juggling program work plus a busy lifestyle.

Your board demands clarity on your mission while funding dwindles.

And to top it off.

The constant pull in multiple directions adds to the stress, making it tougher to market and communicate your organization effectively.

But you gotta do something?

So, you fall back on technical jargon and statistics that fail to engage.

There is a better way to clarify what you do while

But there's a better way to articulate your mission and deepen community relationships.

Emotive Storytelling is the way.

With over 35,000 hours of crafting emotive stories, we specialize in Storytelling that elevates empathy, builds community, and secures funding.

Let's transform your environmental impact through stories that touch the heart to move the mind.


Satisfaction Guarantee:

Get a full refund within 30 days - no questions. If you're not satisfied, with our services we don't deserve your business. 

Film & Video Production
Trying to create stories and content that engage your audience (including donors), on top of managing programs and your team, is a ticket to burnout city.

Our documentaries and video stories help you raise awareness and build trust to deeply connect with your people.
Storytelling Consulting
Being misunderstood is wack and annoying. Plus, squeezing every single point into your stories waters down your message.
Our storytelling consulting sessions transform your complex mission into easy-to-understand stories that best represent you.  

Stories We've Told

Result: Funding

Boost donations from in-person civic club presentations and online fundraising. 

Result: Advocacy

Secured ongoing state department funding by proving its value to new legislators. 

Result: Awareness

Achieved film festival recognition and a licensing deal with WaterBear Network.

Logos for Environmental Initiative, Allina Health, TwinCities Vegfest, Minnesota Department of Human Services, The Hunger Free Schools Campaign

3 Reasons BairStories Might Not Be For You

3 Reasons BairStories Might Not Be For You

3 Reasons BairStories Might Not Be For You

3 Reasons BairStories Might Not Be For You

You prefer stats over stories
We're all about capturing hearts, not just heads.

If you insist on communicating by data dumping rather than narrative depth, we won't vibe.
You value transactions over trust
We build stories that deepen relationships between people and companies, not just fleeting attention or cash grabs from donors and investors.
If instant one-off results are more critical than building sustaining relationships with your audience, we're likely not a match for you.
You want the cheapest option
Storytelling is an investment, not an expense. 

If bargain costs are more important to you than crafting stories that help solve your problem, we're no match for you.

Storytelling Tips For You

Storytelling Tips for You

Storytelling Tips for You

Storytelling Tips

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What's your storytelling approach?
Our approach involves guiding the heart to move the mind. We communicate the truth in a way that uncovers the deeper significance of real-life moments.

We focus on creating emotionally impactful experiences centered around people so that others can understand and empathize.
We believe storytelling is not sharing facts and statistics or describing actions. These things are meaningless to your audience until they have a story that provides context for those facts.
Why are you so expensive?
A typical film and video production can range between $50,000 to $20,000. Similarly, our Story Consulting service costs $5,000 for a strategic story session.
If you think it is too much for you, we may not be the right fit, and that's alright. But don't sweat; you can still benefit from our free storytelling guide and resources.
Is storytelling beneficial even if we don't need video right now?
Yes! Storytelling goes beyond creating videos. It's about finding your voice, selecting the right stories, and effectively integrating them into your messaging.
Our Storytelling Consulting can help you cut through the noise and prevent your voice from being drowned out. It's especially crucial in the environmental and social justice sectors, where complex issues can become overwhelming.
Even if film and video storytelling isn't on your radar, a strategic storytelling session can help you align with your community and leverage your organization's strengths.
How long does a project take?
Our film and video productions typically take 2-3 months. Story consulting is a 4-hour workshop-style session.
Can you film my event?
No. We specialize in storytelling, not event coverage—unless it's part of the bigger story we're telling.
Do you only work with nonprofits and cleantech companies?
No. We work with those who are the right fit.
Occasionally, that means working with awesome people and companies doing great things. However, our target audience is nonprofits fostering environmental justice.

Transform data into compelling stories

We're a Minnesota-based storytelling agency following the story wherever it takes us.

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