Emotive storytelling for nonprofits to connect hearts & inspire action. 


Share Equitable Stories


Attract Value Aligned Allies


Boost Empathy & Donations


Swamped with program work, huh? 

Storytelling often slips through the cracks, weakening your relationship with your community.

With 35,000+ hours in emotive narrative crafting, we fill that gap. We help you connect deeply with beneficiaries, donor partners, and volunteers by balancing heartfelt stories with measurable impact.

Together, we'll elevate empathy, community, and donations.

Our Nonprofit Storytelling


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Storytelling Services

Brand Films and Series
Our documentaries convey your mission and impact while highlighting your values and motivation.
Feature: Compelling human-centered storytelling that shows your mission.
Benefit: Fortified trust leading to donor sustainability. 
Workshops and Consulting
Designed to align and energize your organization through workshops and storytelling consulting.
Feature: Strategic guidance and an empowering organizational narrative. 
Benefit: Increased brand clarity and confidence in your organization's storytelling.
Video Marketing
We'll maximize your content to reach your ideal people and encourage donor retention. 
Feature: Optimized multi-platform content to reach a broader audience.
Benefit: Boosted engagement and connection with your target audience. 
Allie Rangel, Crative Director, Bold Orange

"Sees the big picture but also digs to uncover the details behind it."

Allie Rangel,
Bold Orange

Joe Mackenzie, Cars for Neighbors

"Continually builds trust with you throughout the entire process."

Joe Mackenzie,
Cars for Neighbors

Emily Haley Headshot from Environmental Initiative

"Works in partnership with you to get the right results." 

Emily Haley,
Environmental Initiative

Storytelling Tips For You

Storytelling Tips For You

Storytelling Tips for You

Storytelling Tips for You

Storytelling Tips

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The Enormous Power of Vulnerability in Storytelling

Vulnerability is a sensitive topic for good reasons. But what if nonprofits embraced it but for how they communicate? In the article, I want to share the benefits of vulnerability and how you can …
September 28, 2023
4 min read
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10 Powerful Grants to Fund Your Nonprofit Video Storytelling

Do you have stories happening before your eyes that are worth sharing but don't have the flexible funding to tell those stories? Good news! There are several grants for video storytelling available for nonprofit …
September 21, 2023
4 min read
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The 2 Approaches to Nonprofit Storytelling

At the core, there are two approaches to storytelling. There are why-focused stories and what-focused stories. Sometimes these two overlap, but they're starting place is different. Let's break down the difference in approaches and …
September 14, 2023
3 min read

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