Craft Emotive Stories Without Relying On Cold Stats! 

It's Time to Elevate Empathy, Community, and Donations Through Storytelling!


You're not just any nonprofit communicator.


You know your nonprofit stories can be better.


You're ready to connect deeply with your community. 

Our Nonprofit Storytelling Guide
Helps You Overcome: 

Structural Clarity: Discover a framework that guides you from confusion about story flow to a structured narrative.

Emotional Depth: It helps you craft stories with emotional impact and resonance. 

Complexity in Simplicity: It shows that stories don't need to be complex or tragic to be compelling and connect emotionally.

Practical Application: The exercises help in immediately applying the theory to your own stories.

Black male facilitating strategy session

I found the guide very helpful with building out a story so there is depth to it. 

The exercises and chapters build on each other, encouraging me to dive deep and embrace the vulnerability of the story. 

Ready to craft stories that inform & inspire?

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