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The storytelling guide every Nonprofit Unicorn needs to deepen connections and save time in the process.



Are you struggling to convey your nonprofit's impact? Feeling frustrated with data that fails to engage?

Imagine turning those data into compelling stories that rally your community and inspire action.


Here's what you get:

👣 Step-by-step emotive storytelling guide.

⚒️ Exercises and real-life examples.

💓 Insights into emotional storytelling.

🔻 Easily craft stories that resonate and inspire.

🔻 Apply learnings to your nonprofit for immediate impact.

🔻 Foster deeper connections with your audience.

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professionals adore BairStories. 

Join the ranks of unicorns, transforming their impact with nonprofit storytelling.

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Elevate your nonprofit marketing for a lasting impact.


Who is the for?
Communications Directors
Communications Managers,
Communications Coordinators
Development Directors
and Development Managers
Will this work for me?
Yes if you implement the insights in this guide. 
How is this different from other guides or courses?
This guide was created from our experience crafting emotive storiesIt isn't filled with airy-fairy theory or esoteric concepts. It's a street-tested system that's working right now.
What exactly am I getting?
We're emailing you a digital webpage containing the methods we use for our storytelling, exercises for you to try, examples, and bonus resources. 
This is a living guide. New content and resources will be added. 
Do you have any success stories?
Of course. Check out some of our environmental storytelling examples


We're a storyfirst film and video production company, based in Minnesota, specializing in emotive stories that elevate empathy, community, and funding. 

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