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Use emotive storytelling to leave a lasting positive impact on people and the planet.

Why Emotive Storytelling? 

If awareness about climate change or social justice were enough, everyone would be an activist after reading one scientific report.

But it's more than facts; it's about crafting stories that turn understanding into heartfelt action.

We use emotive storytelling as a tool for environmental justice. Our stories are emotional and designed to guide the heart to move the mind.

So, adiós to cold, dry, unengaging data that informs but doesn't inspire people to action.

Allie Rangel, Crative Director, Bold Orange

"Curious and thoughtful, BairStories understands the power of storytelling to connect with audiences."

Allie Rangel, Group Creative Director, Bold Orange



How we amplify your stories


Being misunderstood is wack and annoying. Plus, squeezing every single point into your stories waters down your message.

Our storytelling consulting sessions transform your complex mission into easy-to-understand stories that best represent you. 


Trying to create stories and content that engage your audience (including donors), on top of managing programs and your team, is a ticket to burnout city.
Our documentaries and video stories help you raise awareness and build trust to connect with your people deeply.

A creative tool for


Don't settle for numb, uninspiring messaging.

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