Craft human-centered stories that foster empathy and connection.

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Pushy & Brash
A PR Firm

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Small & Adaptable
Marketing Minded

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Story Development
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Save the world now



Embrace Challenges

Challenges are the testing of our faith that leads to our growth.

James 1:2-4


Bear Shalom

If possible, as it depends on us, we will live peacefully with everyone.

Romans 12:17-20


Dig Deep

We ask meaningful and hard questions to build real connections.

Ephesians 4:29


Be Hospitable

We create spaces of trust, ensuring people feel seen and heard. 

Leviticus 19:33-34

Meet the Storytellers

Anahita Champion Smiling Headshot

Anahita Champion

Communications Manager

Anahita is a crucial supporter of BairStories, including ideating our name. With her Master's degree in Strategic Communications, she has led a boutique PR agency and storytelling as a media personality.

Today, she enjoys exploring being a social change agent to help others understand and unify.

George Eid Thinking

George Eid

Camera Operator

George is the feet of BairStories, helping us progress. Filmmaking was a "one-day" type of dream" until he woke up on the on-set of a Netflix documentary. Now he's chasing this dream today.

He enjoys developing his craft and thinking about how to help storytell for his home of Lebanon.


Story Director

Danami is the Co-Founder of BairStories alongside Jesus. An award-winning Hip-Hop & Soul artist, his music has been featured in a video game and the CW show, "All American."   

Today, he enjoys nerding over lenses, living out the Kingdom of God, and experiencing life with Anahita and Roya.

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