We're on a mission to craft human-centered stories that foster empathy, connection, and justice.

Our Why: To be in right relationships with people, God, and creation (planet).

Our Vision: Diversify Christian media through music and films while shining as an example of God’s love.


Before environmental justice storytelling, we sharpned our skills in the marketing and advertising industry.

We told stories for Impossible Foods, Allina Health, Walmart, Caribou Coffee, and other recognizable brands.

Now, we can align our skills and faith to focus on environmental and social justice. 

Our expertise lies in transforming cold data to warm stories that resonate with audiences.

Logos for Environmental Initiative, Allina Health, TwinCities Vegfest, Minnesota Department of Human Services, The Hunger Free Schools Campaign

We Are Not:

Pushy & Brash
A PR Firm

We Are:

Small & Nimble

Film & Video Production
Digital Marketing
Storytelling Consulting
Ethical Storytelling

Turtle in blue sea
Lady justice with scales
Black fists in the air
Save the world now


We focus on deeply understanding the emotions and experiences of others, reflected in our commitment to crafting emotive and human-centered stories.
We approach storytelling with an emphasis on truthfulness and integrity. We make sure our relationships with others and stories are genuine, honest, and reflective of the individuals and causes they represent.
We value collaboration and partnership, working closely with clients and talent to co-create compelling stories that resonate with audiences and drive meaningful impact.
Love God, Love People
Our focus on environmental justice is rooted in our love for God and others. From that love flows our commitment to ethical business practices and social impact.
Growth and Learning
We embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and learning, continually seeking to improve our craft and heart.

Meet the Storytellers


Story Director

Danami is the Co-Founder of BairStories alongside Jesus. An award-winning Hip-Hop and Soul artist, his music has been featured in video games and the CW show "All American."   

Today, he enjoys nerding over lenses, art & faith and experiencing life with Anahita and Roya.

George Eid Thinking

Visual Story Seeker

George is the feet of BairStories, helping us progress. Filmmaking was a "one-day" type of dream" until he woke up on the on-set of a Netflix documentary. Now he's chasing this dream today.

He enjoys developing his craft and thinking about how to help storytell for his home of Lebanon.

Anahita Champion Smiling Headshot

Community Story Enthusiast

Anahita is the cheerleader of BairStories, including ideating our name. With her Master's degree in Strategic Communications, she has led a boutique PR agency and storytelling as a media personality.

Today, she enjoys exploring being a social change agent to help others understand and unify.

Advisory Board


Speaker / Storyteller/ Photographer

Misty provides counsel to the management and development of BairStories. 

She enjoys learning about the Word of God, preaching, teaching, and sharing everyday beauty through photography.

W H Y  N O T  U S

Overwhelmed with work, navigating board demands, and trying to keep funders engaged? We understand the unique pressures facing environmental organizations like yours.

That's why we're here — to save you time and maximize your impact.

We're more than a video production company; we're your go-to partners for storytelling



We're a storyfirst film and video production company, based in Minnesota, specializing in emotive stories that elevate empathy, community, and funding. 

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