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Transform Cold Data to Warm Stories

Do you find it challenging to communicate your nonprofit's message to your board and donors? Are you struggling to turn complex data into compelling stories?

Look no further than BairStories.

We specializes in nonprofit video storytelling, using our expertise to transform numbers and information into heartwarming, emotive stories that resonate with your audience.

Our videos and films have increased brand awareness, educated audiences, and helped increase dontations.

We craft a variety of video types including:

  • Impact Films
  • Video Series
  • Explainer Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Origin Stories
  • and more
Logos for Environmental Initiative, Allina Health, TwinCities Vegfest, Minnesota Department of Human Services, The Hunger Free Schools Campaign
Chris McDuffie, Danami, and Tish Jones
SmallRig Director's Cage
Nonprofit Storytelling ExamplesNonprofit Storytelling Examples


We create compelling documentaries and episodic series that foster a strong emotional connection with your audience. Our productions concentrate on stories that intersect environmental and social justice issues.

Our film, "Belonging," is an excellent example of how we spark meaningful conversations about inclusion, equity, and representation in outdoor activities.

This film has garnered attention from film festivals and has secured a licensing deal with the streaming platform WaterBear Network.

Impact Stories

Impact storytelling is an effective way of showcasing the results of your work. By sharing impact stories, donors can build trust and make informed decisions about where to invest their resources for maximum impact.

For instance, our case study of Minnesota's Office of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution (OCDR) is an excellent example of advocacy demonstrating OCDR's value, thus making a solid case for continued funding by new state legislators.

Origin Stories

Origin or Founder Stories refers to the tale of how your organization started. It typically includes the problem encountered, the steps taken to address it, and the journey that led to the current state.

"Uncharted Dreams: Klarhet Origin Story" is an excellent example of how to share values. This film helped Klarhet express their values and aspirations, connecting them more deeply with potential guests, employees, and partners.

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Define Shared Purpose

Enjoy an interactive kick-off workshop to determine why we're telling this story, who needs to know, and what impact we desire to have.

Duration: 1/2 Day

Craft Compelling Plot

Know the story's anticipated direction for your film; there's no need to wait until receiving the film's first cut.

Duration: 1.5 weeks

Identify Strong Characters

We'll discover the film's heart through pre-interviews. This character will have strong desire, uniqueness, and motivation.

Duration: 2.5 weeks

Production & Distribution

We filter all production decisions through our shared purpose, chosen characters, and story direction.

Duration: 6 weeks (filming & editing)

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the timeline for a project?
Our projects take about 2-3 months, depending on the scope of work. Video series can take 3-6 months. Need things quicker? Let's talk rush options.
How much do you charge for a project?
Our projects can range between $50,000 to $20,000. If this is beyond your budget, check out our nonprofit storytelling guide and articles.
Do you only work with nonprofits?
No. We work with those who are the right fit. Occassionally, that means working with awesome people and companies doing great things. However, our target audience is nonprofits, especially those fostering environmental justice.
Can you cover my event?
No. We specialize in storytelling, not event coverage—unless it's part of a larger story.
Do you travel outside of Minnesota for video production?
Yes, we travel outside of Minnesota for video production. Currently, we cover the Midwestern United States, including Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Ohio.

Transform statistics into emotional connections.

We're a Minnesota-based storytelling agency following the story wherever it takes us.

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