Storytelling for the Minnesota Office of Collaboration & Dispute Resolution (OCDR)

About the Project

We conveyed department value to incoming state legislators through two films. 

In collaboration with Community Blueprint, we led the creative direction and film production for the OCDR. We crafted an impact film based on their involvement in civil unrest after the murder of Philando Castile.

We interviewed and filmed participants in the collaborative process to harness their words and authentic experiences to create a powerful story. 


Our films helped OCDR visually capture the attention of the new state legislators and build trust as a valuable state department worth of continued funding.


Services Provided:
Story finding / Story Development / Film Production

Minnesota Office of Collaborative & Dispute Resolution 

Community Blueprint

John Thompson, Peter Lindstrom,
Mariah Levison, Melanie Leehy

Creative Direction:
Danami-Maurice Champion

Camera Operation:
Trevor Vaubel

Samantha Berman

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