Ignoring the Nonprofit Storytelling Gap Costs You Big Time

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Have you ever said or thought this, "We don't have a lot of time and brain space to tell a story that deeply personally communicates.”? In that case, your connection with donors, beneficiaries, and volunteers tends to crumble when storytelling slips through the cracks. This is the storytelling gap.

No, this isn't another buzzphrase—it's a natural barrier that could muffle your impact. Let's unpack this tricky term we coined and bridge that gap for good.


Storytelling Gap: The distance between the impactful stories your nonprofit has to share and your ability to effectively convey them.

This gap often results from time constraints, lack of expertise, or focus on numerical metrics at the expense of emotive, personal connections.

Key Components:

  1. Time Constraints: The demands of program work often overshadow storytelling efforts.
  2. Lack of Expertise: Not knowing how to convey stories that resonate emotionally with the audience.
  3. Data-Driven Dilemma: The tendency to focus on numerical impact, losing the emotional and personal appeal.

Signs of a Storytelling Gap

Do you find yourself unsure about how to tell stories on a personal level? Resorting to mass communications that only focus on numbers? Is your story heard but not acted upon?

These are red flags to be aware of. Think of these signs as the symptoms of the storytelling gap.

  • Low engagement with storytelling outputs (video, blog, social posts)
  • Donor attrition or low rates of new donor acquisition
  • Inability to evoke emotional reactions from your audience
  • A sense of disconnection or misunderstanding between the nonprofit and its community

How Can You Close the Storytelling Gap?

You have two life-savers:

  1. DIY: Become a storytelling pro. It'll take time, but it's a journey. In our other articles, we'll help you by understanding key elements like audience, emotional resonance, story structure, and authenticity.
  2. Let Us Help: This is where we swoop in to save you time and eliminate the guesswork in connecting deeply with your audience.

Whether through emotive video storytelling, energizing workshops, or insightful consulting, we'll work together to re-energize and deepen your community engagement.


You're sitting on a treasure of untold stories that could revolutionize how people see your mission. The Storytelling Gap is a manageable wall. Guess what? After reading this article, you're more equipped to leap over it.

Ready to close your Storytelling Gap? Schedule a discovery call with us. We're excited to amplify your stories!

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