6 Essential Organization Stories You Need To Tell

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You believe you need to tell your organization's stories, but you’re unsure where to start or which specific stories to tell. Effective storytelling means telling the right story at the right time. This article will walk you through a straightforward way to find the right organization stories.

Knowing Your Goals is The Starting Place to Finding the Right Stories

Are you preparing for an investor pitch, an annual gala, a team retreat, or the launch of a new service? Each scenario shapes the needs of your organization's stories because it comes with specific objectives you want to achieve. Identifying your goal is the first step in finding the right brand stories to tell.

Depending on your audience, an impact or vision story might work best to raise funds. A why/value story or impact can be effective if you're looking to boost company team morale.

  1. Identify your objective.
  2. Review the six-story types and choose the one that matches your goal.
  3. Start crafting your story.

The Six Organization Stories You Should Tell

Inspired by Annette Simmons' research and our experience at BairStories, working with environmental organizations, here are six stories encompassing the heart of all your brand communications.

  1. Origin Stories
  2. Why Stories
  3. Vision Stories
  4. Impact Stories
  5. Teaching Stories
  6. Objection Stories

01. Origin Stories

  • Purpose: Show what prompted your organization to exist
  • Content: Share personal anecdotes, such as childhood, family, and early jobs.
  • Use: Begin new relationships or counteract any hidden doubts.
Charity: Water’s video connects with viewers through founder Scott Harrison’s journey to creating a clean water charity.

02. Why Stories

  • Purpose: Explain the values and motive behind your organization’s work.
  • Content: Describe why you're invested beyond personal gain.
  • Use: Regularly reinforcing values or requesting significant resources or cooperation.
Our why story at BairStories shares our commitment to environmental justice. This is one of the evergreen brand stories we created.

03. Vision Stories

  • Purpose: Inspire by painting a compelling future.
  • Content: Use sensory details and metaphors, and avoid data-heavy descriptions.
  • Use: Start-ups, teams with low morale, and big projects.
President Kennedy’s speech on landing a man on the moon within a decade used powerful language and imagery.

04. Impact Stories

  • Purpose: Demonstrate real examples of your work.
  • Content: Describe the before and after of your organization's contributions.
  • Use: To build credibility and trust.
Minnesota Northern Voices hired BairStories to create an organizational success story featuring Evie and her family.

05. Teaching Stories

  • Purpose: Impart lessons without direct experience.
  • Content: Detailed scenarios that simulate real-life challenges and solutions.
  • Use: Training sessions before potential issues arise.
An animated video that teaches effective time management through clear explanations and relatable scenarios.

06. Objection Stories

  • Purpose: Address and dispel objections.
  • Content: Acknowledge and validate concerns before offering a new perspective.
  • Use: Early in discussions to tackle resistance or skepticism.
In her TED Talk, Mel Robbins offers the "5 Second Rule" to overcome nervousness and self-doubt.

Let's Wrap Up: Finding the Right Organization Story to Tell

Stories are the cornerstone of human connection and essential to any nonprofit or cleantech communication strategy. The right story, tailored to your audience, can be a powerful tool for achieving your goals. Whether you're looking to build trust, inspire action, or connect on a deeper level, the right story can make all the difference.

By choosing the right story at the right time, you can connect meaningfully with your audience, fostering trust and encouraging support for your work.

How's your company's internal storytelling? Learn how to use stories to build a strong team culture.

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