Brand Films; Does Your Nonprofit Need Them?

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In this article, let's break down brand films, something we specialize in at BairStories. We'll cover what they are, their purpose, and their impact. Let's get to it.

It's not a secret that video marketing is essential these days and has been for the past couple of years. Your team may have already dabbled in videos and discovered a great return on your investment. Perhaps your team is considering incorporating video storytelling into your communications strategy.

Whatever the case, knowing the power of specific video tools and how they can work for you is essential.

Summary: Brand films are a win-win for your organization and your audience because they build trust and connection with your audience.

A brand film is a communications tool driven by narrative or documentary storytelling.

The most significant difference between videos and films is storytelling. I write more in detail about this differentiation here. Unlike video advertising, which is a direct sales pitch, a brand film is an indirect ask.

For your nonprofit, brand films are opportunities to increase empathy and rally for your mission.

These films can be 3 minutes long or 30 minutes. Heck, Legos made a full-length featured film, "The Lego" movie. The film's duration doesn't matter as long it engages your audience emotionally.

The purpose of using brand films is to build and strengthen the connection with your audience through shared values, resulting in brand trust.

They also allow others to see and experience your mission in action. Trust, connection, and sharing your mission come alive through a compelling, entertaining, and informative story.

The most crucial result of brand films is trust building.

Trust leads to donations. People support people they know, like, and trust.

When you create a brand film, there's an exchange between your organization and your audience.

Video ads and commercials can feel one-sided. Brand films present a mutual benefit for your organization and your audience. Your organization trades an engaging experience (story) for trust and connection with the audience. It's a win-win for both parties.

So, to answer your question, does your organization need brand films? Yes!

We know donations and funding are nonprofits' life sources, equipping your organization to create change. Each year, your supporters need reminders, good reminders of their contributions and your effectiveness. Plus, you're seeking new funders. So you're in a dance courting new funders and validating existing donors. Brand films can do both.

Brand films display your existing funders' contributions in action. Even if you're showing the benefits of the overhead being covered, it's still important to see. Experiencing a dynamic story in five-10 minutes is way more enriching than reading a 20-page annual report filled with facts and statics.

For new funders, your brand films invite them into your community and empower them to be part of the change you're accomplishing.

The biggest challenge we've learned from our clients like you is the flexible funding needed to execute this type of storytelling. Communication can be one of the first things nixed, but let us push back and fight for personal storytelling that connects people with purpose.

I'm curious about you! How can we support your case-making for brand films in your organization? Get in touch with us today.


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