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Searching for a new video partner is like online dating – lots of awful profiles before you find a worthy match. This guide will save you time by highlighting the top video production companies in Minneapolis, perfect for your nonprofit's needs.

Whether you're new to video storytelling or looking to replace an old partner who didn't deliver, this list will help you find the right fit and budget.

Issues with Other Lists

Some top video production company lists are mostly self-serving and doesn’t really benefit you. For example, my company, BairStories, made it to the Manifest's top 100 list without any specific criteria.

This list also featured a company multiple times and included companies that offer rental gear or video transfer services. None of which is helpful if you’re looking to discover actually video production companies.

Judging Criteria for the Top Video Production Companies

Since BairStories work with nonprofits, I wondered who would I hire and refer work to. I judged each company based on three criteria:

  1. Experience & Expertise: Do they have the skills and frequently do this type of work?
  2. Inspiration: How inspiring is their work?
  3. Creativity: Do they take a unique approach or use a cookie-cutter method?

Each company was scored from 1 (low) to 3 (high) on these criteria. I also assigned production categories to emphasize their strengths.

Video Production Categories

These companies can do more than what they're specifically known for, but we’re spotlighting where they shine the most (in our opinion):

  • Best Testimonial Production
  • Best Storytelling Agency / Best Character-Driven Storytelling
  • Best Fundraising (Gala) Production
  • Best Event Production

Best Fundraising (Gala) Production: Blue Key Media

Work Sample: Masonic Children's Hospital | Blue Key Media

Blue Key Media focuses on creativity and strategy, bridging the gap between the two. They specialize in creating videos driven by clearly defined strategies, ensuring that their content aligns with their clients' overall marketing goals.

The blend of a voice-in-the-sky voice-over, practitioner soundbites, and personal testimonials made their work for the Masonic Children feel like a celebration of the hospital.

Expected Cost: $20,000 - $12,000

Best Testimonial Production: Storyboard Films

Storyboard Films offers a video production experience that prioritizes understanding the client's brand and delivering content that resonates deeply with the target audience.

It is touching to see the raw pairing process of two women overcoming breast cancer for their work for Firefly Sisterhood. That creative choices places you directly into the world of these women.

Expected Cost: Publicly Unknown

Best Video Storytelling Agency: BairStories

Work Sample: Environmental Justice and Nature Immersion Class | BairStories

Of course, we're going to add ourselves to this list - for good reason. We create emotive stories that elevate empathy, community, and funding for environmental nonprofits and cleantech companies. We focus on the human impact behind complex stats.

Expected Cost: $50,000 to $16,000 for Film and Video Production and $5,000 for Strategic Story Consulting Session.

Best Event Production: Right Angle Films

Work Sample: MEDA Gala | Right Angle Films

Right Angle Films offers various video services with a commitment to storytelling, cinematography, and editing. They cater to various clients, including corporations, nonprofits, businesses, and events.

Expected Cost: Publicly Unknown

Honorable Mentions

  1. Open Book Communications (Brand Storytelling)
  2. Community Blueprint (Fundraising Videos)
  3. Bold Creative (Video Marketing)
  4. Storyteller Video Production (Video Marketing)
  5. CallSign 51 (Short-form Social Videos)

Tips for Hiring A Video Production Company in Minneapolis

Understanding costs, red flags, and hidden value is crucial when hiring a video production company. Here's how to navigate these aspects effectively:

Set a Realistic Budget

Understanding your budget is the first step. Here's a breakdown to help you:

  • Low Budget ($1,000 - $5,000): Ideal for event recaps or simple social media clips.
  • Medium Budget ($10,000 - $20,000): Suitable for polished short videos or a series of videos.
  • High Budget ($20,000 - $50,000+): Perfect for comprehensive campaigns, including multiple videos and strategic services.

For a deeper dive into what you get for your money, check out our article, A Better Way to Think About Video Production Costs.

Red Flags to Watch For

Hiring the right partner means knowing what to avoid. Here are eight red flags:

  1. Poor Website Design
  2. Limited Online Portfolios
  3. Lack of Genuine Testimonials
  4. Unprofessional Social Media Content
  5. Vendor-Centric Conversations
  6. Assumptive Understanding
  7. Lack of Transparency
  8. Minimal Client Involvement

For more details, refer to our article, 8 Non-ignorable Red Flags When Hiring a Video Production Company.

Understand Hidden Value

Costs aren't just numbers. Consider the hidden value beyond the price tag. Ask about:

  • Service and Management: Quality project management and emergency access.
  • Expertise and Support: Production team's reputation and availability.
  • Financial and Assurance: Payment terms, guarantees, and ROI.

For an in-depth look at other valuable elements, see our article, Don't Overlook the Hidden Value of Video Storytelling.

So, What's Next?

Hopefully, finding a video production partner for your nonprofit is easier. There's still more work, such as outreach or further exploring websites, but you now have a starting point for who to hire and what to expect to spend.

These top video production companies in Minneapolis have the experience to meet your needs beyond the category they're in. Keep an eye out for those red flags as you move forward, even if you've gotten a referral from a colleague. What or who worked great for someone else may not work for you.

Choose the right video production partner that aligns with your realistic budget and values.

Do you think BairStories might be a good fit? Explore our storytelling process.


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