10 Powerful Grants to Fund Your Nonprofit Video Storytelling

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Are you looking for flexible funding to tell your organization's stories? Good news! These media grants for video storytelling are available for nonprofit organizations like yours. This article will share ten grant programs that help financially bring your stories to life.

So, let's dive in and discover some grants for your nonprofit storytelling!

The Knight Foundation Grants

Nonprofits in journalism and storytelling can find the Knight Foundation a fantastic resource. Their Community and National Grant programs offer funding for innovative projects, including those focused on video production. If you're looking to experiment with new storytelling techniques or engage your audience through visually captivating videos, this could be the grant for you.

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)

For nonprofits in the arts sector to support storytelling and video production projects. Whether you're exploring traditional or contemporary art forms, their offerings promote artistic excellence and encourage community engagement. This is an excellent opportunity to fund your nonprofit's storytelling initiatives.

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Grants

If your storytelling project aims to contribute to a more just and equitable society, consider applying for a grant from the MacArthur Foundation. They support media and storytelling projects that tackle pressing social issues through video production and other mediums. Nonprofits who create impactful narratives that drive positive change will find this grant a perfect fit.

The Sundance Institute Documentary Fund

Documentary filmmakers and nonprofits focused on documentary storytelling should take note of the Sundance Institute Documentary Fund. Their grants aim to support projects that shed light on important social topics and offer unique perspectives through video production. This grant could be a dope opportunity if your nonprofit is passionate about raising awareness and sparking conversations.

The Open Society Foundations Grant

This grant encompasses storytelling and media production for nonprofits working on social justice issues. They are particularly interested in projects that amplify marginalized voices and advocate for human rights through video storytelling. This grant opportunity provides a platform for your nonprofit to make a powerful impact.

The Ford Foundation Grants

The Ford Foundation's grants are geared toward nonprofit organizations addressing social and economic inequalities. If your storytelling or video production project aims to foster understanding, challenge stereotypes, and bring about positive social change, the Ford Foundation could be your ally. Nonprofits committed to driving social justice through compelling narratives will find this grant opportunity ideal.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) Grants

Public media organizations and nonprofits involved in video production and storytelling should explore the CPB Grants. The CPB supports projects that enhance public media content and engage audiences through captivating storytelling. If your nonprofit aims to share meaningful stories with a broad audience, this grant opportunity can help make it happen.

The Robert R. McCormick Foundation Journalism Program

If your storytelling project focuses on investigative reporting, multimedia storytelling, or video production, consider the Robert R. McCormick Foundation Journalism Program. They provide grants to nonprofits and individual journalists who inform and engage the public on critical issues. This grant for video storytelling can provide the necessary resources to tell stories that make a difference.

The National Geographic Society Grants

For nonprofits exploring narratives related to the natural world, human cultures, and the environment, the National Geographic Society offers grants. They support projects that utilize video production and other mediums to convey impactful stories. This grant opportunity is worth exploring if your nonprofit aims to inspire curiosity and promote understanding of our world.

The Tribeca Film Institute (TFI) Grants

The TFI grants are specifically tailored for nonprofits and filmmakers working on narrative and documentary storytelling projects. Whether your nonprofit is tackling

Stept Film Fund

While this isn't a grant for nonprofits, you can work with a Filmmaker with shared values to produce an untold short human-centered documentary of up to 20 minutes. Maybe your on-staff video storyteller could apply. There are creative ways that make it beneficial for both parties while adhering to the submission criteria.

Sony Creation Action

CREATE ACTION's mission is to amplify local organizations' efforts through funding, storytelling, and collaboration with Sony. CREATE ACTION grants are designed to make a long-lasting impact for local social justice organizations and the communities they serve. Selected organizations will receive direct funding, Sony Electronics products, a custom-created promotional film, and many other opportunities for collaboration, partnership, and marketing support.


Sown provides free films for Nonprofits. Every year, they award a select number of nonprofits the opportunity to tell their stories free of charge. There is no hidden agenda, no hidden fees, and it is 100% free. They will raise the money to cover their hard costs.

At BairStories, we're inspired by SOWN's business model and aim to adopt elements of its approach in our journey toward becoming a B Corporation.


It's good to know that these grants for video storytelling are available. Flexible funding allows you to tell various stories about your nonprofit, as you know.

Remember, to truly make an impact, you still need a partner or someone on your team who understands the craft of storytelling. They can provide you with the tools and expertise to distill your stories to present them best.

That's where a storytelling company comes in. At BairStories, we're here to help uncover and amplify your stories.

For storytelling help, check out our storytelling guides, tips, and insights.

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