"Uncharted Dreams" is a micro-documentary that shares the inspiring story of Nicole and Kirk - two business owners who started Klarhet - a vacation getaway with a big vision. This film beautifully captures their values, aspirations and the journey that led them to where they are today.


Guests rated their stay at Klarhet with 5 stars. However, they often missed the bigger picture. Klarhet is not just a vacation spot, but it aspires to be a transformative experience for Cook County. The founders felt a gap existed between their dream and how it was communicated.




Story Strategy
Project Management


What happens when you defy the norm and follow your dreams? Nicole and Kirk risked it all, and the result is Klarhet—a seedling model of tourism that ensures Cook County thrives. 
From flipping houses and leaving stable jobs to pursuing a dream of creating a unique hospitality experience, this couple has repeatedly taken risks and embraced the unknown.

Nicole and Kirk's story is a powerful example of taking risks and stepping outside of one's comfort zone to pursue their dreams. Their inspiring story can encourage others to take risks, embrace uncertainty, and trust in their abilities to create a fulfilling and meaningful life.


Discovering the External and Internal Story

Regarding film and video storytelling, we built our film around 5 keywords, identified the film's characters, and developed the narrative arc to captivate and engage the audience. 

Defining the Film's Keyword Purpose
We pre-interviewed Nicole and Kirk individually through a 30-minute phone call. Those conservations helped them see their big 3 (desire, motivation, and uniqueness) and the story opportunity.
We determined an origin story would solve their problem by showing how they arrived, where they are, the transformation, and where they're going.
We later created 5 keywords for this story. These keywords represent the story's inspiration, tone, audience, action, and uniqueness.
  • Persistence: The most inspiring thing about the story we want to tell is the persistence of a dream and not giving up in the face of obstacles and setbacks.
  • Risks: The most unique about the story we want to tell is the overall risks taken to pursue what you felt called to do.
  • Future Guests, Partners, and Employees: The target audience for this film is individuals at the consideration stage of Klarhet. These individuals have discovered Klarhet and are now seeking more information to learn about them.
  • Inspired: We want people to feel inspired to take risks and pursue their thing, whatever it might be.
  • Connect: The action we desire to see is twofold: book a dome experience for individual guests and schedule time to chat about future partnerships.
Finding the Heart of the Story
From our various calls, individuals, and groups, we noticed Nicole took center stage more often than Kirk.

Like a theater crew, they're someone on stage, and there are others backstage.
For any great show, you need both. We needed Nicole as the Heart of the story and Kirk as our Helper, filling in the story and perspective gaps.
Crafting the Narrative Arc
Telling Klarhet's origin story meant identifying the most essential parts of their journey.
We plotted those essential parts onto our 6 essential plot points, each contributing to the story's overall structure and impact.
  • Pre-Hook: The opening of the story instantly captivates the audience's attention. We chose an "in medias res" approach by starting the narrative with a glimpse of the conclusion instead of the beginning to spark a question in people's minds, "how did they get here?"
  • Hook: Nicole walking away from her dream job is the specific moment that contains conflict and is unique.
  • Conflict: The problem or situation where the main character encounters a significant challenge is a feeling of not truly living but only doing the status quo.
  • Initiation: The moment after the Conflict was their move to northern Minnesota.
  • Journey: Their journey included the miscarriage of their twin Daughter, installing the domes, and learning to work together as a team again.
  • Resolution: The resolving moment of the story is Klarhet's launch date. It's the big punch to the gut that the audience feels and is left with. We also shared their future vision.
  • Jab: The call to action was a quote we created that encouraged people to nurture their dreams.


Re-Created the Past While Capturing the Present

90% of this story already happened. We needed to recreate scenes from the past and use photos from Kirk and Nicole to tell this story visually.

We used stock footage that matched the scenes' tone and provided visual context. All the domes and scenes of Nicole and Kirk were filmed at Klarhet.

Smooth sliding shots were used for the dome details to emphasize the Nordic craftsmanship style. Wider lenses captured the location's vastness.



Crafted A Content Ecosystem for A Video Campaign

Beyond just the main film, our approach for Klarhet was to build campaign assets to amplify their story and engage people across multiple platforms.

This wasn't about creating a single narrative but developing an ecosystem to ensure momentum for the launch of the origin story.

Main Hero Film

Supporting Assets

We created a teaser of the hero film, reels featuring soundbites, a photo pack, and suggested copy-and-paste social posts to help their marketing strategy.





Increased visibility,
attracted potential investors, and strengthened trust

"Your storytelling has been a catalyst for us to put ourselves out into the world.

We have slowly revealed more about ourselves and shared our big dreams, and the response has been amazing. People are genuinely interested in what we're building beyond just the vacation rental piece.

An individual associated with a financial group has expressed interest in helping us secure large capital for our bigger projects.

It's also great to know that others see our passion for this work and believe in our determination to succeed."

Nicole Leand
Co-Director & Creative Director

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