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About the Project

We empowered teen athletes
to take healthy risks instead of harmful risks.

Sports betting is gambling which is illegal for anyone 18 and under, with the risk of player eligibility. How do you inform athletes of these hazards without making a boring infomercial doesn't resonate? Also, what is the alternative to things you're telling athletes not to do?

We partnered with Russell Herder and the Minnesota Department of Human Services to help a non-profit organization, Neighborhood Youth Academy, develop and execute positive messaging around sports betting and athletics.


Throughout four sessions with teen athletes and their coaches,  we discovered the core motivation for betting was ego. The players craved respect and praise. 

They felt disappointed when they were not chosen for an award, knowing they were the better player. 

We crafted a script targeting players' self-esteem that provided us with a strategy to propose an alternative to sports betting and acknowledge its existing greatness.

We wanted these athletes to take risks of self-investment that build healthy esteem and avoid sports betting that crumbles self-esteem.


Services Provided:
Strategy / Film Production

Neighborhood Youth Academy

Russell Herder / Minnesota Department of Human Services

Creative Direction:
Danami-Maurice Champion

Camera Operation:
Victor Rukavina

Pneuma Pierre


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