Storytelling for Environmental Initiative Award Winners

About the Project

We crafted recipients' films of people and projects working towards a healthy environment.

Since 1994 the Environmental Initiative has recognized change-makers. They bring together partners across the environmental community to honor recipients during an inspiring celebration and networking event.

Our goal was to tell amazing inspirational stories to sustain future video storytelling efforts and provide winners with a valuable piece of communication content.

It is something special
to have been listened to.
I value this experience
and how this challenges
me to think about life…

Verna Kragnas


Despite the timeline challenges and various creative pivots, the film's emotive approach resonated with the viewing audience on award night. Environmental Initiative is eager to invest in more visual storytelling. 

The winners felt heard and seen. Award-winner  Geoff Emerson said this after viewing the films, "…that was an amazing job of the video editing. I am so impressed and proud!

"The one thing I valued the most through the entire process was their intention behind every step of production."

Emily Haley, Director/Digital Strategy & Engagement, Environmental Initiative


Services Provided:
Story Development / Film Production

Environmental Initiative

Creative Direction:
Danami-Maurice Champion

Camera Operation:
George Eid

Anahita Champion

Additional Filming:
Old Saw Media, and Andrew Bydlon

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