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Compassionate Action for Animals Rebrand

About the Project

How do you get people to adopt a vegan diet without guilt-tripping and bashing?

You make them feel welcomed, supported, and empowered on their vegan journey. Those three attributes became our north star throughout the entire rebranding process for Compassionate Action for Animals (CAA).

Each developed attribute during our facilitated strategy workshop, where I helped CAA define its brand
and its audience. 

CAA welcomes people into the vegan community, supports their transition to compassionate living, and empowers them to take effective action for farmed animals.

Compassionate Action for Animals Old Logo
Compassionate Action for Animals New Logo

The Logo

Balancing length
& Simplicity

The original logo showed a shove when their focus was on farmed animals. I moved away from animal iconography to stand out from similar organizations featuring animals in their logo. 

The simple design allows for easy recognition and memorability. The geometric shape of the C is an open circle suggesting an open community passionate about animals, and the heart supports that idea.​​​​​​​

Brand guidelines for Compassionate Action for Animals
I love animals branding Compassionate Action for Animals

Warm and Energizing

The warm colors are associated with heightened emotions and passion communicating energy, encouragement, and action.  The colder colors contrast the warmer tones and express trust, peace, and unity.

Another key feature of this color palette is that it’s unique to CAA within the sphere of farmed animal advocacy; no other organizations with missions similar to ours share these colors.

Compassionate Action for Animals Colored logos

BairStories was able to synthesize our ideas into
a singular vision that
increased engagement.


Justin Leaf
Communications & Events Coordinator, Compassionate Action for Animals


Services Provided:
Brand Strategy / Creative Direction 

Compassionate Action for Animals

Creative Direction:
Danami-Maurice Champion


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