Storytelling isn't sharing facts, statistics, or what you do. 

These things don't matter to your audience until they have a story delivering context for the facts. We agree with Annette Simmons that a "story is a [personal] significant emotional experience with a beginning, middle, and ending." 

Multiple parts of the brain are activated when engaging with a story. Even better, we can get lost in the world of a narrative, which doesn't happen when we share facts.

Stories transport us and activate our mirror neuron system allowing us to empathize. This science is why we aim to touch the heart of your audience to move their mind to donate, sign a petition, or think differently about social and environmental justice. 

Chris McDuffie, Danami, and Tish Jones

The five elements
of engaging stories

––> Have a start, middle, and ending

––> Share Specific Details 

––> Communicate vulnerability

––> Embrace conflict and challenges

––> Know Your Audience


Define Shared Purpose

You'll enjoy an interactive kick-off workshop to define the film's purpose, target audience, and the impact we desire.

Duration: 1/2 Day

Craft An Engaging Plot

You'll know with confidence the film's direction before we film. We'll walk you through the six essential plot points to captivate your audience.

Duration: 1.5 weeks

Identify Strong Characters

We'll discover the film's heart through pre-interviews. This character will have a strong desire, uniqueness, and motivation.

Duration: 2.5 weeks

Execute Film Production

We filter every filming, lighting, and editing decision through our shared purpose, agreed-upon story heart, and story direction, thus making you feel confident.

Duration: 6 weeks (filming & editing)


Each project varies, but the entire process is approximately 2.5 months.

"Curious and thoughtful,
BairStories understands the
 power of storytelling to connect with audiences."

Allie Rangel, Group Creative Director, Bold Orange

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