Brand Strategy

Whether your organization is evolving or new to the industry, we can help clarify your purpose, find your voice, understand your audience, and define your goals. 

Branding allows your clients to understand the characteristics, values and attributes you stand for, in addition to how you compare to your others.

Your brand strategy serves as a road-map for visuals: logo design, identity design, website development, and marketing & advertising materials. 

Our brand strategy services included:

--> Positioning
--> Brand Personality
--> Goal Alignment
--> Primary & Secondary Research

--> Core Values
--> Mission & Vision
--> Audience Profile
--> Audience Journey Mapping

We activate a 2-3 day collaborative & strategic workshop with you and your org's key stakeholders. 

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Align Your Team

  • Determine your purpose
  • Determine your vision
  • Determine your mission

Define Your Audience

  • Define target audience
  • Conduct audience research
  • Create audience persona from group brainstormed and insights

Define Your Brand

  • Determine brand personality attributes
  • Craft brand positioning statement

Prioritize Your Goals

  • Define your goals
  • Generate ideas on how your business makes money, gains awareness, and makes their organization more efficient.


The entire process is roughly 2-3 months
(depending on what's needed)

  • The workshops will take two full days or 2-3 half days.

  • Primary research (conducting interviews, surveys, etc.) and secondary research (reviewing existing research) can take about 2-4 weeks.

  • Assembly of all the insights will take about 2 weeks.

  • You'll receive your strategic roadmap containing workshop results and insights gained from research. After the workshops, weekly or bi-weekly check-ins are provided throughout to ensure alignment.

Our minimum engagement is $10,000 for the workshop & research, not including fees for branding services.


Your Branding Journey

Most of our clients take this path throughout our relationship, where we initially engage with them
and then move to these other areas:

––> Contact us for a organizational storytelling

––> Engage in brand strategy workshop

––> Redesign visual identity & develop messaging

––> Redesign or update website

––> Engage in Storytelling Process (videos) 

––> Create video content for your org

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"BairStories helped our communications and digital assets convey our brand's personality and increase professionalism overall." 

Susan Campion, Co-Founder & President, Giant Steps

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